28 April 2021

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A team from BioSheen Services and Artemis Bio-Solutions undertook a restoration project in early February that was categorized as an unattended death incident site, Tier 3, during a global pandemic – which raised the scope to Tier 4 (the introduction of a known infectious agent).  The location was a home in Oklahoma, and the resident had been dead approximately two weeks before he was found, resulting in advanced human decomposition.

The team of Certified Forensic Operators® used Artemis’ Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon as the decontaminant and disinfectant, and followed BioSheen’s protocol and procedures for Forensic Restoration® which includes pre-disinfection, forensic cleaning and professional disinfecting.

The goal of forensic restoration is to restore structures and situations that are contaminated or suspected to be contaminated with biohazardous materials to pre-event conditions. 

“We’ve taken a very biologically hostile environment and we turned this into a very clean, hygienic environment,” said BioSheen Founder and President, Jeff Jones. “We had scores (ATP meter scores) into the hundreds and hundreds, and brought those down – not only to single digits – but zeros. So, this is clean room clean.”

 The job included navigating several variables, including cross-contamination from first responders; transfer from tracking near the body site; and cross-biocontamination from vectors, including a dog and flies.  The team used Artemis’ Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon in every phase of the project and completed the job in 3 days. 

 Day 1:  The project began with a pathogenic knockdown to protect those cleaning the building from airborne contaminants.  To complete this phase, the team thoroughly sprayed and fogged the home.

Day 2: The focus of day two was forensic cleaning, which included removing debris, furniture and carpets from the home, followed by cleaning and disinfecting. This involved sweeping and dusting of subfloors followed by wet washing at more than 220 degrees to stop the tracking and transfer of pathogens. The team then dry cleaned and wet cleaned all structural surfaces throughout the home.

Day 3:  On day 3, the home underwent the process of professional disinfecting, which Jones described as the application of an EPA-registered, hospital grade tuberculocidal disinfectant with a 6-log kill, proven to kill both gram positive and gram-negative bacteria, all known pathogens and inactivate viruses.

“It is interesting to work with a professional like Jeff Jones that’s so detailed in the way he goes about his business,” said Clay Hernandez, national director of technical sales and training at Artemis Bio-Solutions. “Very detailed oriented, which is the way you need to be.”

“I absolutely will not pull off of an incident site until I’m comfortable that you can open a daycare center there,” said BioSheen Founder and President, Jeff Jones.  “There’s not a pathogen on this planet that we cannot navigate.”