Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon



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30-gallon kit (15-gal A 15-gal B)
100-gallon kit (50-gal A 50 gal-B)
500-gallon kit (250-gal A 250-gal B)

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Sold By: Artemis Bio-Solutions, LLC


Artemis Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon is a remarkable, EPA-registered, broad-spectrum disinfectant and decontaminate relied upon by industry professionals around the globe. This patented formula was developed by scientists at Sandia National Laboratories. Sandia National Laboratories, a multi-program laboratory for the United States Department of Energy developed the most advanced, full spectrum solutions for chemical and biological decontamination. This formula is relied upon by hospitals, commercial facilities, homes, schools, professional remediators, and beyond.

Artemis Bio-Solutions LLC has been granted a license from Sandia (No. 00-C02678); to utilize this patented technology (DF 200) to formulate our Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon for commercial and professional use. Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon meets Sandia’s quality standards and is tested for performance and efficacy.

Features and Benefits

  • Breakthrough product based on technology originally developed and patented by Sandia National Laboratories.
  • Powerful two-part cleaner, fungicide, disinfectant, and deodorizer.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Advanced chemistry for the professional remediator.
  • EPA-registered.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions N/A

1 Gal kit [2 quarts part A and 2 quarts part B], 4 Gal Kit [ 2 Gal Part A, 2 Gal Part B], 10 Gal kit [ 5 Gal Part A, 5 Gal Part B] Jerricans, 30 Gal kit [ 15 gallons Part A and 15 gallons Part B] Drums, 100 Gal kit [ 50 gallons Part A and 50 gallons Part B] Drums, 500 Gal kit [ 250 gallons Part A and 250 gallons Part B] Totes