A healthy, hygienically CLEAN hotel is vital to your business


The hotel industry continues to face significant challenges to reopen in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests and employees are understandably concerned for their safety when visiting or working at the hotel. In addition, you must still address common health issues such as mold, other fungi, and bacteria.

Our Guide to Hotel Disinfection will help you ensure that best practices in cleaning and disinfecting are being used by your staff. Following these protocols can give guests and staff the confidence to know that management is executing thorough and complete care in protecting against disease such as COVID-19.


Four steps to creating a healthy environment


  1. Conduct Your Site Assessment
  2. Select Your Antimicrobial
  3. Design Your Delivery System 
  4. Execute Your Plan


Each area of the property requires multiple delivery methods



For more information, please download the Hotel Disinfection Guide.