V Blaster 650 Backpack ULV Sprayer/Fogger


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Sold By: Artemis Bio-Solutions, LLC
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V Blaster 650 Backpack ULV Sprayer/fogger

V-BLASTER 650 Backpack is a 110v, corded ULV sprayer/fogger. Bulit in the USA. Designed to treat large areas with a single fill up.

V-BLASTER 650 can dispense between 2 – 2.25 gallons of solution per hour. The adjustable fan speed control has a consistent 5-15 Micron particle that will cover vast areas while having the ability to protect against over wetting surfaces!

Fan setting of Six Speeds for pinpoint control of solution for the smallest spaces to large wide-open environments

V Blaster 650 Backpack ULV Sprayer/fogger can function as a backpack or stand/ carry unit

4-gallon tank capacity.

Works with water and oil-based pesticides, disinfectants, deodorants, and fogging agents that are labelled for ULV fogger / cold fogger use.