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  • Hygiena ATP Meter w/ Software and Case (SystemSURE Plus)

    Hygiena ATP Meter w/ Software and Case (SystemSURE Plus)


    SystemSURE Plus™ is the next-generation system of the world’s best-selling SystemSURE II ATP hygiena monitoring system. With improved functionality, new software, and increased memory, the SystemSURE Plus meets the demands of the largest and smallest companies around the world.

  • Hygiea Ultra Snap Swabs

    Hygiena Ultra Snap Swabs


    UltraSnap™ is a user-friendly, all-in-one ATP sampling test used with Hygiena luminometers. This pen-sized sample collection device is easy to use, small, and environmentally friendly. In addition, UltraSnap uses a unique liquid-stable reagent providing superior accuracy, longer-lasting signal strength, and more reproducible results.

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