Artemis Bio-risk Training Academy Pilots The Microbial Warrior Experience At PuroClean

The new Artemis Bio-risk Training Academy (ABTA) wasted no time in piloting its new  four-day forensic restoration training program. The Microbial Warrior Experience™  presented by Jeff and Lori Jones debuted June 3 through June 6, 2021 at the PuroClean  Training Center in Tamarac, Florida. A dozen PuroClean franchisees, as well as  representatives from KleenRite attended.  

“I thought it went extremely well,” said Clay Hernandez, National Director of Technical  Sales and Training at Artemis. “Jeff has developed and delivered programs like this  before, and he certainly has a rare talent for grabbing an audience’s attention.”  

“Not only was the instructor phenomenal and his methodology effective, but his  enthusiasm for what he does affected us all,” said Karen Argus, PuroClean of Stuart, FL.  “We spent the first two days learning the process, the reasons for the process, and we  were shown firsthand what that process looks like at an actual job.”  

“If I were giving the class a score, I would give it an A+,” Argus added.  

“We are very thankful to PuroClean for hosting us at their training facility,” Jeff Jones  said. “We are passionate about sharing not only what we know, but how to do it safely.  

“Forensic restoration isn’t just crime and trauma situations,” Jeff added. “It’s also about  unsanitary dwellings aka hoarders, dealing with infectious disease, bio-terrorism,  contamination from animals; it’s the complete remediation of contaminated structures to  pre-event conditions.”  

Jeff Jones is one of the nation’s top forensic cleaning experts. He founded BioSheen  Services, LLC of Oklahoma and Texas with Lori Jones. Along with the Microbial Warrior  Experience™ curriculum, Jeff and Lori created the Certified Forensic Operator®  designation, which attendees earn along with other additional designations.  

Jones’ Microbial Warrior Experience™ is an equally applied combination of in-class  education and hands-on application. The curriculum spans everything from  communicating with family members following an event, to a simulated forensic  restoration scenario where attendees must actually don full PPE and restore a setting to  a safe, bio-hazard free condition.  

“We will probably do one or two more pilots before year-end and take what we’ve  learned and apply it to the program,” Hernandez said. “But we couldn’t be happier with  how the inaugural class went and for having a great organization like PuroClean to be  able to share it with first.” 

To learn more about the Artemis Bio-risk Training Academy and news about the next  Microbial Warrior Experience, call 630-359-4090.